Game 6

After plowing through the Penguins and then knocking over the Capitals like a row of flimsy dominoes, the Lightning have hit a more solid opponent in the likes of the Boston Bruins, who have pushed the series to game 6 tonight…and who have the upper hand, leading by one game and fighting for win #4 tonight.

I watched the exciting game last Saturday, when the Lightning made a comeback after being down in the second period.  Every time the Lightning scored, and especially when they took the lead, I yelled so loud that our cat Rosie leaped up with his ears laid back and tore under the bed to escape the madwoman in the living room.

After waiting so long to even see the Lightning make the playoffs, it’s been great to watch them win again.  If they lose tonight, it’s lights out, try again next year.  They have it in them to win tonight and go to game 7, and I hope that is what happens.  They deserve it, Guy Boucher deserves it, and the loyal fans like me who have been waiting seven years for this…well, we certainly deserve it!

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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