Waves, Dolphins, and Sand

I have spent the last few days in a delicious, relaxed, sun-induced stupor, listening to waves and seagulls and the laughter of the kids.  Gary, the kids, and I had a tremendous time.  Everything clicked like the stars aligned for a great vacation, and I couldn’t have asked for anything more: the weather was perfect, the balcony of our room faced the water, the ocean was right outside our door, the staff at the hotel was great, and watching Gary and the kids have so much fun was beautiful.

The kids are overdosed at their other home with video games, Wii, Xbox, TV, overpacked schedules, anything to keep them distracted, overloaded, occupied, and out of sight.  I honestly wasn’t certain they would enjoy a simple family vacation without the overspending or overscheduling they are accustomed to.  They pleasantly surprised me and had a great time, building (and destroying) sand castles, jumping waves, swimming in the pool at night, playing monkey-in-the-middle in the ocean, etc. 

We named a particularly picky seagull after Rosie, our exceptionally picky cat, and Bear named a seagull after Sylvester because, according to Bear, this seagull was unnaturally fat!

Gary and I woke up long before the kids one morning, so we stood outside on the balcony together and watched the waves.  Three dolphins suddenly made a grand entrance, leaping out of the water, then hiding, then jumping again.  Gary woke up the kids to see them, and we watched the dolphins until they moved farther out into the ocean and out of sight.  Later that day I saw a tote bag in the gift shop with dolphins on it, and I laughed.   It fit the day perfectly.  I bought it as my souvenir for the trip, and I brought it home with stowaway sand still scattered inside.

It’s been a horrifically long time since I went on vacation.  I felt so relaxed and peaceful and happy at the beach, and I made this promise to myself: it will not be such a long time before I take a vacation again!

Oh, by the way, if the Internet comes to a standstill later this evening, don’t worry. It’s just me, uploading all my vacation pictures to facebook.

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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1 Response to Waves, Dolphins, and Sand

  1. Amy says:

    Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all! I'm so glad that you got that time with the kids

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