Incredible Hulk Hair

When a child’s hair turns Incredible Hulk green from swimming pool water, it is way past time to kick some basic hygiene and personal care into active mode.  Despite the convenience factor, swimming is not…I repeat, NOT…a replacement for routine bathing.

When the kids recently spent a week of their summer break with us, I was puzzled by the brazenly green cast in their hair.  What the…?  Has anyone in their other household ever heard of shampoo, baths, or clean water?

I thought that surely, removing that green from their hair must require monumental effort, complicated treatments, extensive time and energy.  Why else wouldn’t the effort have already been made to remove it?

But…within two days of rinsing their hair with clean water before they went swimming and washing their hair afterward, all of the green coloring was gone.  That made me sad: essentially, minimal basic care resolved the problem.  For their hair to be so green in the first place means that even the most baseline care wasn’t being administered before they got to our house.

Green hair is, of course, merely a relatively minor symptom of a larger, encompassing problem.  Green hair, ragged fingernails rimmed in black grime, knotted hair, clothes either two sizes too big or two sizes too small, bruises from “rough-housing” (so the story goes), and the fact that the kids are unnaturally and rabidly infatuated with TV and fast food leave me wondering how much actual parenting they receive outside of our home.

Then again, I honestly don’t need to wonder.  I see the evidence all over the children, from head to toe, each time they come home.

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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6 Responses to Incredible Hulk Hair

  1. this whole post makes me so terribly sad..

  2. Amy says:

    I agree with Randi. This makes me so sad that the kids are being neglected in such a basic manner.

    Glad they have your house to come to so someone can teach them about basic hygiene

  3. lamadrastra says:

    This borders on neglect. Are you compiling a list of these sort of events for the “just in case” moment that may come in the future?

  4. Hmmm if it helps, dissolvable aspirin takes the green out….and a cup of tea mayb for your woes. Hugs

  5. The children's hair was so green, I did some research online and learned it is not chlorine that discolors the hair. It is metals, especially copper, in the pool water, and the best way to prevent it is to wet the hair with clean water before getting into the pool so their hair can't absorb the pool water. Why this is too much bother for some people is beyond me.

  6. kelly says:

    This sadly reminds me of years ago when my then 10 yr old stepdaughter came for the summer visit. (they reside 800 miles away.) We were horrified at the sight of her toenails when she appeared in her swimsuit/flipflops to go into our pool. They were horrendously long, cracked, with broken and ragged edges, some curling under. The kind of feet you look at and want to throw up. The look on my husband's face…OMG! He wanted to cry. (My 2 bio children and our son together are very well groomed. Don't get me wrong…as kids they play and get dirty) Well I immediately went into “pedicure” mode in a fun way…I even let her pick out the color for my toes and repainted my own as well. Who the hell lets their daughter travel to her other family's house looking like that…with such hygiene neglect? We sent her home with new nail polish and a little pedicure kit(hint). At Christmas when she returned…can you guess how her nails looked? Same as when she arrived in the summer…with scant traces of THEE COLOR we had applied then. Her nails hadn't been cut or trimmed, nor the polish removed, in 5 months!!! Dont even get me started on her menstrual hygiene once that began. Ughhh!

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