Whose House?

Of all the lies the children are spoon-fed by Crow (their parenting-skills-challenged egg donor), perhaps the oddest– and most idiotic — is about where they live.

Yes, Crow is willing to lie about anything, including whose house she lives in.  You see, over five years ago, Crow dragged the kids to her parents’ house, because where better to mooch and be coddled like a helpless dumbass than with one’s enabling parents?

The idea of being middle-aged and having her diapers changed by her parents again must be embarrassing, but changing the situation would have required ambition to be a better person and the desire to take care of oneself…two traits woefully lacking in Crow’s make-up.  The better solution?


The kids have been told that their grandparents’ house is actually their mother’s house.  They get in deep trouble for calling it “Grandpa’s house” instead of “Mama’s house”.  I watch them struggle when they are talking, when they start to say “Grandpa’s house” and have to pause, remember the verse they’ve been forced to memorize, and spit out “Mama’s house” instead, with a look of confusion and shame at having to  lie about it.

If the kids survive childhood with any lingering concept of what truth is, I will be truly amazed.
Their mother’s most vulgar lie of all?: “I love you.”
No one who loves the kids would do to to them what she does, willingly and happily, every day.

About TheSmirkingCat

I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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3 Responses to Whose House?

  1. lucky13 says:

    I haven't commented in eons but still read you all the time. the parallels between your stepwife and mine are uncanny!!! I have so many stories… maybe one day I'll share. keep up the great writing!

  2. Amy says:

    Poor kids. Gary's ex is one of those people who shouldn't be allowed to be around children at all, let alone “parent” (abuse, lie, manipulate) them.

    Thank goodness they have you and Gary to show them what honesty and real love are!

  3. Psycho (our Ala) is the same way. The kids just about choke on themselves when they slip up and say something that Psycho has forbidden them to talk about. They look so uncomfortable, almost like she's going to find out what they said here and punish them for it later. (I wouldn't be surprised if she did.) Makes me sick.

    At this point, we have one mini-Pycho with no concept of the truth and one that seems to be catching on. Only time will tell.

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