Who Needs to Stop the Car?

It must be difficult for some people to visualize or imagine what it feels like to be a good parent, sort of like playing fantasy or dress-up without truly grasping the character. Case in point: Crow, the children’s ignoble womb-for-rent, stumbles about wrapped smugly in the costume of a mother, but her every action and every word defies her act.

Crow likes to complain about Gary. She makes a career out of it, and even the children are tired of hearing her bitch about their father.  Crow seems to believe that the more she gripes about Gary, then the better she will look by comparison.  Instead, it brings her true nature into the light of day and upholds why she would be better off keeping that cavernous, fecid maw shut.

There is one thing (among many) that Crow loves to bitch about, and she has brought this up over and over through the years. Even her father has chipped in and joined the fun, wagging his generous jowls and braying like a jackass right alongside his warped offspring.  What is it that can get these two admittedly unstable individuals all a-fluster?  What high crime must Gary be committing to bunch their Depends so much?

Here it is: apparently, according to multiple complaints, Gary is a terrible father and a wretched invididual because he says good-bye to the kids when he drops them off.  Oh, it gets worse, if you can believe it!  Yes, the horror continues: Gary, clearly driven by an insatiable inner demon, actually STOPS THE CAR when he drops the kids off after their time with him.

*shrieks of horror, wringing of the hands, swooning*

Yes, you read that correctly.  Crow has actually voiced the complaint that Gary stops the car when he drops the kids off.  Instead, I can only presume, he is supposed to have the children on stand-by as soon as the car enters the city limits of Hicksville, roll the windows down, have the children perch on the open windows like pigeons, any of their personal belongings strapped to their backs, and on cue, all four children should leap from the moving vehicle, skinned knees and concussions be damned, as long as Crow is pacified, content, mollified, and appeased!  Or perhaps he should just ship the kids like objects in a Fed Ex box, just to keep Crow happy.

My take on that?  Fuck Crow.

How hopelessly selfish does someone have to be to complain that a parent stops the car to say good-bye?  How idiotic and insane does a parent have to be before it is finally acknowledged that she hasn’t the foggiest concept how to care about anyone but her pathetic self?

I can understand, though, why Crow and her daddy can’t stand watching Gary and the kids say good-bye to each other.  Crow and her parents have spewed so much filth, so much hate, so much trash about Gary, about how the children hate him and cry when they have to spend time with him, what a deadbeat father Gary is, how he doesn’t want the kids around and can’t take care of them, how the kids would rather claw their own eyeballs out than go to their daddy’s house.

After vomiting up all that bullshit, I imagine it leaves a bad taste in their mouths to watch the kids clinging to their father, hugging him, actually crawling back into our car because they want to go back home with him, crying because they are not ready to leave him.  Oh, it’s not hard for Crow because she actually feels anything for the children; it’s hard for her because each time this happens, her own lies are shoved back down her throat, and she is forced to see the evidence, in living color, of her selfish choices and her hateful actions.

It must be so damn inconvenient that the kids love their father.  Poor Crow, forced to wait a few minutes while Gary consoles the kids and helps them adjust to having to go back to a household full of bitterness and hate.  Poor Crow, whose texting and stalking time is cut into so rudely while the kids cry, over five years later, still unable to accept what she has done to them.  Poor Crow, forced to sit in the car that Daddy paid for while Gary cleans up her dirty work, drying tears and trying his damnest to make the kids smile.

Yep, that Gary sure is an asshole.  Crow is right, he should forget that the children are people, forget they have feelings that have been deeply scarred, and he should just shove them out of the moving car and not give a damn about how much they hurt.

Oh, wait…that would make him just like Crow.  And if anything is crystal clear, it is that the kids deserve a damn sight better than that.

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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5 Responses to Who Needs to Stop the Car?

  1. Amy says:

    Ala makes me so angry! How can she mistreat and abuse the kids like that. UGH!

    Gary is the better person and the better parent. Or should I say “the only parent”. What Ala is would be called an egg donor. Carrying a child in your womb does not a mama make. You're more of a mama to those babies than she will ever be.

  2. Smirking Cat says:

    The scariest part for the children is that they are immersed in not only her insanity, but that of her parents as well. It is a horrifyingly toxic environment for the kids.

  3. cassee01 says:

    it is a wonder that she hasn't alienated them…

  4. Attempts have most definitely been made to alienate the children from their father. The youngest child, Dove, was kept away from her father for at least 2 years, for no good reason. Attempts have also been made to turn the kids against me. Hateful, immature, spiteful people are above nothing, even child abuse, to make themselves happy.

  5. lamadrastra says:

    GAH. (Sorry, there is no other response. Words fail me.)

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