Block the Bitch

Not long ago, I read a blog post that got me thinking.  The woman wrote about her husband’s sanity-challenged ex-wife leaving a catty comment on her facebook page.  The woman was distraught about the comment and apparently turned to the blogosphere to seek solace, sympathy, and commiseration.

Cue the sad music, the passing of the Kleenex, and the mandatory woeful head-shaking.

Allow me to interrupt the pity party with a much-needed news flash: if your boyfriend or ex-husband is saddled with a jealous and small-minded ex who must blood-suck any semblance of a life through you, then chances are roughly 100% that she will obsessively stalk you online and sprinkle venomous commentary like bitch dust wherever she can in an attempt to feel better about her shallow and meaningless existence.  Consider me a bit of an expert, if you will, on the subject matter of bitchy and stalking-inclined ex-wives.

What can we conclude from my scientific analysis?  Repeat after me: BLOCK THE BITCH.

Facebook is a stalker’s wet dream.  That doesn’t mean you are mandated to beg lame-ass losers to come knocking at your wall to piss on it, or toss out a welcome mat for the crazies.  It’s hard for me to elicit much sympathy for someone who has left their facebook page public, arms wide open for the certifiable masses to set up shop.

My facebook page is drama-free.  Why?  I applied the lesson we are learning today: I blocked the bitch.  Crow has been blocked from my facebook page since its creation many years ago.  In fact, anyone remotely associated with her is blocked as well, since the mentally deranged tend to herd together.  To wrap it all up with a nice drama-free bow, when Wolverine created a facebook page a few months ago, I knew instantly that Crow was panting heavily like a dog in heat, quivering in anticipation of me and Gary accepting those friend requests, so she could log in as Wolverine and dive head-first into our facebook pages.  So I hand-picked what is viewable to Wolverine’s account.  Crow only sees what I permit her to see, and it’s not much.  Wolverine, however, is free to see photos, posts, comments, and whatever his little heart desires…at our house.

Facebook is far from secure, but there are easy things to do to slam the door and not let the walking personality disorders tag along wherever you go online.  Blocking and privacy settings are there for a reason.  Use them.

The second part of the woman’s blog post that got me thinking was the fact that she actually cared what the ex-wife had to say about her.  Crow quickly and unequivocally presented herself as an indidual whose opinion, dysfunctional thought processes, and fatuous ideas would never matter to me.  Can you think of any reason I should take to heart the verbal vomiting of a child-abusing liar?  I can’t either.

I remember when Crow and her family took to the computer like a maniacal army, typing up a tizzy, leaving inane and ridiculous comments on my blog.  Granted, I thought many things, such as how even inferior humanoids could be capable of so many typing and spelling errors, or how anyone has that much free time on their hands, or even how the conversation to join in this playground band of wanna-be bullies went down:

Crow: There’s this woman.  I hate her.  She has a blog.  Even though I say I hate her, I devour her blog like the gluttonous Smirking Cat lover that I am.  Since I’m too wussy to say anything to her face, will you anonymously leave stupid comments on her blog?

Relative: enthusiastically: Sure!  I don’t even know the woman, but independent thought isn’t my forte.  That’s why you hang with me.  Anyway, we crazies need to stick together in our unending crusade against truth, logic, and rational thought.  What blog is it?

But one thing that never crossed my mind, in between mocking and ridiculing Crow and her minions, was to actually feel hurt or insulted by their childish comments.  Why would I?  It was more of a joke to me than anything.  I changed my blog, at that time, to accept no anonymous comments, and problem solved.  Cowards who would never dare approach me directly are quickly silenced when asked to put a real name to their trite words.

In a sane world where people move on from relationships like they should, have lives of their own, and are capable of reason and logic, you would never have to block anyone on facebook or take steps against someone spending hours on your blog and sprinkling it with words of wisdom to brighten your day.  That is not the world we live in.

Privacy settings exist because of jealous failures like Crow.  I don’t need to invite her to crawl up my ass and desperately try to have a life by stalking mine, and neither do you (people like her will do this naturally).  Of course, blocking them doesn’t stop people from being crazy, but like I have always said:  we don’t need to serve up crazy on a silver platter and invite them to a feast, now do we?

About TheSmirkingCat

I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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8 Responses to Block the Bitch

  1. Mister-M says:

    Yup. They'll sit there and google you and your SO obsessively… day-after-day… and Lord help you all if a negative advocate in a position of power join their ranks… the devastation they can wreak on your family can be quite substantial.

  2. Smirking Cat says:

    I can think of nothing more pathetic than a jealous stalker, so obsessed with someone else's life that they no longer have one of their own.

    No, scratch that, I did think of something more pathetic: a mother who uses her children in her stalking efforts.

  3. Amy says:

    I have my fb shut down for my ex and all his idiotic family too. And my kids have him all shut down too. My page, pictures and information is available to my friends only and of course, a ton of kids that come and go from here. And when anyone else drinks from the crazy kool-aid … it's a one click delete button and they can get the heck off my space too. Like you, I don't allow anonymous comments and that keeps some of the crazy from my blog.

    Great post.

  4. lucky13 says:

    ahh thank you for reposting this… sorry I forgot to check back, I thought you could see my email from posting a reply. thank you for your brave and honest voice on what many of us experience. I have enjoyed your writing for years and I appreciate your point of view very much. always look forward
    to reading more and learning from your strength.

  5. Smirking Cat says:

    Hi Amy and Lucky13, thank you! I appreciate your comments.

  6. clickclickshutterbug says:

    I needed to read this. Thank you. 🙂

  7. English Lass says:

    Hey there! You know there are crazy lunatics all over the internet, but the one we're dealing with really takes rthe cake ! It's not an ex wife or ex girlfriend of anyone although she does try to claim Dirk Benedict was in a relationship with her which he most certainly was NOT as confirmed by his own webmaster and press agents but she stalked this celebrity and is now latching onto another famous guy. But everything you write about that mentally unstable ex, is just like the lunatic we know !

    Except instead of an ex wife, it's really an ex fan of this guy who was in a couple of television shows back some decades ago. He has reportedly gotten so many crazy letters from her that he was forced to change locations or have his postmaster notify the police or some such.

  8. SDc7272 says:

    Melissa sugar takes the gold trophy for cyber stalking, and in general psychopathic online predator

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