Bitch Diploma

The other day, a friend of ours vented about his ex-wife trying to sabotage his summer vacation with the kids by calling them, telling them their father was going to take them away and not bring them back, cryptically urging them to be careful about mysterious bad things that would surely befall them only while with their father, and planting as many seeds as she could to destroy their time together.  His ex went to great extremes to eliminate their time together over Father’s Day weekend by taking one of the children to the emergency room, for no apparent reason, when he was supposed to pick them up.

None of these tricks are any different than Crow’s.  The mentality is the same: damn whatever damage the children suffer, as long as she feels like she interfered in some way and pleased herself.

It is not a mentality to which I can relate.  When I got divorced many years ago, I was sad and disappointed, but my focus was healing, moving on, and rebuilding my life.  Meddling with his life didn’t cross my mind.  Maybe that’s because I had a life of my own with which to concern myself.  It’s not surprising, I suppose, that a middle-aged loser like Crow who lives with her parents has to syphon any semblance of a life from her ex-husband.

What happens in someone’s mind to justify lying to a child, as long as it hurts the other parent in some manner? Are people like Crow certifiable nutcases before the divorce, or does the divorce process ignite selfishness and insanity?  It’s not inevitable; I am divorced and have never even thought about behaving the shameful way Crow does, or our friend’s ex-wife does, on a routine basis.

The similarity of their tactics, their lies, their manipulations, their willingness to destroy the children, is nauseating.  If you’re going to be a crazy bitch, can’t you at least be original?

I try to find solace in the fact that I can’t understand thinking that way or wanting to live that way.  It lets me know that I am on a higher level; it lets me know I would not destroy the kids in order to feel….what, exactly?  What positive feelings can you possibly take away from abusing, manipulating, and emotionally molesting a child?

Perhaps Crow will leave a comment and enlighten us.  She is, after all, the indisputable expert on abusing a child for kicks.

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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7 Responses to Bitch Diploma

  1. I agree – I have no idea how these parents can be this way. Jetsam never ceases to amaze me with the ways she attempts to manipulate the kids to her way of thinking.

    Although, I will say that if asked, my Ex would say I'm acting like that B*tch. But that's only because everything is always and forever all about him and how he's suffered – regardless of how he's treated his own son. There's a reason I have sole custody with him having limited supervised visitations…..

  2. Amy says:

    Why do people have to treat their kids like possessions instead of treating them with the respect they deserve?

    We've been lucky this visit. We've had him since before Father's Day and she's only called once. And she didn't start any garbage when she did call. God bless her.

    Sure wish these so called “adults” would grow up.

  3. I don't know who Ala is, but I can certainly relate to your post. For obvious reasons I cannot comment about how I relate to this.

    This is not legal advice and I am not a mental health professional, but the facts as listed in this post sound dangerously close to parental alienation syndrome.

    My heart goes out to the kids. I don't understand why all the grownups involved refuse to realize the lasting damage that this kind of action causes children. I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.

    • SDc7272 says:

      re: Melissa Sugar-You are the worst there is. Seriously. Greedy. Mean, lying and just in general a bad human being. No inner core or moral compass. Just rotten to your core. Fake and everything else. Disgusting

  4. Smirking Cat says:

    Crow’s behavior is absolutely parental alienation, and the kids have been under her attack for 6 years. I don't believe the issue is that she doesn't see the lasting damage she is causing the kids; the issue is, she truly does not care.

  5. Kelly C says:

    I totally relate to this post as well. My husbands ex wife is denying my husband access to his children. He pays $3000 monthly in child support, he always gets his kids when he should. But most the time we get the last minute text that has an excuse for why they can’t come this wknd. The oldest is 14 and she amazing and strong willed and is the adult in her family. She makes her own decision. But the younger one is 11 and not strong minded and is insecure and we believe that the mother is alienating him against us. We have tried to get along and co-parent. Actually I will say my husband has tried, I removed myself from trying to be involved almost a year. After one of my husbands close family member said she was diagnosed with anti-social personality disorder. I decided that I needed to let my husband handle and fight for what’s right for his kids. Why should I? They aren’t my kids. And dealing with a mentally unstable person can be draining. My husband has dealt with this way before he met me, I believe he has given up on his kids. The ex has brainwashed them to think we are horrible, and she is the almighty wonder mom. And they don’t want to come here. I personally have done everything I can to make sure when they are here they are happy. Rooms clean, dinner made, I help with them in morning, take the younger one and my child fishing and I think I am trying to hard to please kids who have been brainwashed to hate us and nothing we can do will change it. My husbands way to deal is to AVOID his ex wife. He seems to rather avoid her, even if it means not seeing kids. She is pretty mean and evil. And impossible to have an adult or even rational conversation with, I just hate the fact my husband has given up all hope that he will one day have a relationship with his kids and he has detached emotionally. Me, if it were my kids I would fight to see them. But then again I am woman and mother, he is just a man

  6. Pgachamp says:

    In the post where you said the ex went out of the way to not let dad see kids on fathers days. My ex did that so many years. This is the first year I was actually able to see my son on Father’s Day. My birthday is in July, she loves to sabotage that as well. After everything I have been through with my ex, I knew it was no point in battling her, she was just filled with to much hate. I didn’t give up. But as my kids got older, they started seeing what their mother was doing, so soon they started communication with me directly. They realized if they told their mom anything about wanting to see me and their step mom, that it would be destroyed. Kids aren’t dumb, they figure out who is the difficult and crazy parent eventually. My son has confided in me what goes on at his moms. It’s very dysfunctional.
    I know my ex is incapable of change. She was hateful and spiteful to people, including me when I married her. And. She is still the same old hateful lady. I use to think she was misguided. But I see now she is just Not a Good person. Rather it be mental illness, or sociopathy. Her intentions regarding her own children have always been evil and malicious

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