Ravens, Steelers, Oh My!

It took over six years, but Gary finally did it: he somehow got this hockey-loving woman into watching football.  The silly NHL lockout certainly helps, since there is nothing else to watch right now.

I took a liking to the Baltimore Ravens while watching a game a few weeks ago.  It seemed like a fight or skirmish broke out at the end of every play, and I thought happily, “Hey, this is kind of like hockey.”  Or as Gary says, a fight where a hockey game breaks out.  I hadn’t seen the Ravens play again until yesterday, and I settled in, hoping for an exciting and aggressive game against Houston.  If you witnessed that particular slaughter, then you already know how pitifully and wretchedly that went down.  A score of 43-13 says it all, I believe, with the Ravens mercilessly pounded into the ground like roadkill.

I still have a soft spot for the Pittsburgh Steelers, since I grew up watching my brothers shout obnoxiously at the TV while the Steelers played.  Ahh, memories.  It was a nostalgic moment when I shouted at the TV for the first time during a football game last night, after watching the Steelers drop or miss the ball time after time in the first quarter against the Bengals.  Remind me again how much these fellows get paid to catch a football?  They managed to drag their heads out of their asses and win the game, but it was a sloppy and shaky win.

All in all, it takes some getting used to watching a game that does not involve ice, pucks, checking, or face-offs.  And I still don’t understand why players who know they are going to spend an inordinate amount of time on the dirty ground insist on wearing white pants.  But despite such mysteries, I am really starting to get into football.

Keep arguing over money, hockey players, as long as you like.  I’m good.

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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3 Responses to Ravens, Steelers, Oh My!

  1. Amy says:

    Houston is having a kick tail season. Personally, I’m partial to teams that have a quarterback named Manning. 😉

    Around here, people either like the Dallas Cowgirls or the New Orleans cheaters. I don’t care for either Tony Romo and his whining or a team that pays bounties for hurting players on other teams. I’ll stick to Denver and the Giants this year. 🙂

    So sorry about your hockey!

  2. One of the sportscasters mentioned that coach and assistant coach being on suspension, and I asked Gary what that was all about. Why does anyone involved in that even still have a job?

    • Amy says:

      Being as I’m more of a baseball person and only watch football around my sport of choice (sort of like you and hockey), I’m not up with all the details. I know that there were some big fines and lengthy suspensions but they literally paid their players to hurt players from other teams. It was a disgrace and I’d love to have seen all of them jobless- permanently. Players that participated as well as coaches that came up with the idea.

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