Cat Attack

Just like a child, our black cat, Rosie, occasionally seeks attention.  And just like a child, occasionally Rosie is willing to do almost anything to get it.

Last night, Gary and I were peacefully enjoying a quiet evening at home, when Rosie energetically pranced through the living room and danced into the kitchen on his tip-toes, a sure sign that he is wound up tight as a spring and ready to cut loose, get wild, and do something ridiculous that will likely land him in trouble.  He made a quick pit stop at the food bowl, as eating is next to only sleeping on his short list of interests and hobbies, then spun around and strutted back across the kitchen floor.

Apparently we were still not bestowing him enough attention.  It was time for decisive action.

Rosie suddenly whipped around like something had bitten him.  He swatted at the air even though there was nothing there, then leaped backwards, away from his imaginary and ferocious opponent.  In doing so, he seemed to completely forget that there was a rather solid wall nearby, and he smacked full-force into that wall with a resounding thud, bouncing off of it like a ball and streaking frantically through the living room as if being chased.

Gary shook his head and called Rosie over to check him out, since the silly cat damn near gave himself a concussion trying to make sure all eyes were on him.  Rosie felt the need to cautiously patrol the living room first, made sure all was clear and that his pretend attacker was no longer in the vicinity, then hopped onto the couch to be loved and adored as he deemed proper and right.

Perhaps it is time to cut back on Rosie’s catnip.

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About TheSmirkingCat

I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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1 Response to Cat Attack

  1. Amy says:

    Our kitty is an outside kitty. He’s the best “dog” I have. Thinks he’s an attack dog. Walks the property with me when I walk in the woods and guards the chickens. Cats definitely have independent personalities….

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