If They Live that Long…

Mother of the YearThis week, Crow is going all-out to outdo herself in the bad parenting department.  So far, the week has already involved an emergency trip to the dentist to repair a tooth one of the kids broke while “roughhousing” (translation: the kids were fighting while completely unsupervised, and none of the three so-called adults in their other home had any clue what the kids were up to until one of them was missing part of a tooth).

Oh, and a little history on that tooth: it’s the second time that Crow’s lack of supervision has resulted in a broken tooth.  The same child suffered a broken tooth after being smashed in the mouth with a video game controller during a previous round of “roughhousing”.

And to cap off the week, last night one of the children ended up in the emergency room after slicing his finger open while playing with the new knife he received for his birthday.  Because it’s best to leave young children unsupervised while they play with a f*cking KNIFE.

If we were as crappy parents as Crow, we would convince Bear that he can’t see, use his hand, or walk due to his injury, just to whip up some silly bullshit (in case you missed the fun of Crow’s Munchausen by Proxy drama, catch up here: Munchausen Much?) Of course we won’t, because we aren’t assholes like Crow.  But I couldn’t help thinking how quickly she would jump onto the crazy bandwagon if roles were reversed and Gary was the one in the ER with one of the kids, though I have to note that the ER trips are necessary only when the the kids are with her.

The only good news is, just two more days and the children will be home with us for the weekend and will be guaranteed at least a few days of safety and survival.

If they live that long…

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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4 Responses to If They Live that Long…

  1. I know I’m new to following – but every incident with her just amazes me more… I don’t get some people… But, you’re right, heaven forbid it happened on your watch, she’d have been all over that!!

  2. Falling into swimming pools, choking until they pass out, walking in front of cars, getting lost in amusement parks, smashing out teeth, burns that left scars, and now a chopped-up finger because they were left to play with a knife…yeah, none of that happened on our watch. There is a reason for that: Gary and I supervise the kids and actually care about them. It’s called parenting.

  3. Amyy says:

    Why oh why do they let some people have kids? Where is the protection from the so-called parents for the next generation? We take better care of dogs coming from the pound…

  4. cassee01 says:

    you would think someone at the ER would report her to CPS

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