Tampa’s Back!

GoalieYou may have come to believe, during this extended NHL lockout, that I was through writing about hockey.  If you did, you thought wrong…though I must admit I got so used to the lockout that when a friend texted me about the Lightning score one evening, I had no idea the teams were even playing again.  I stopped reading about the lockout because I assumed they would never get their heads out of their asses to just play the damn game.

When the Lightning won that game against the Capitals, I was pleased but dismissive.  This is what they always do: play well, then fall apart and start looking like the team I know and love, missing shots, no discernible defense, foggy and befuddled expressions on their toothless faces.

And they lost the next game against the Islanders, yet they were not obliterated like they typically are. They lost by a respectable one point.  Not too bad.

It was after that game that the Lightning started to really surprise me and grabbed my undivided attention.  They have won the last four games.  Yes, you read that right: four wins.  In a row.  Tampa Bay Lightning.

I am almost afraid to get too excited about it.  Is my team coming back?  Have they finally, finally picked themselves back up, pulled together as a team, and started playing like the team I affectionately recall from 2004 that brought home a Stanley Cup?

Maybe.  Maybe not.  I am enjoying their current winning streak, am sporting my Tampa Bay Lightning purse again (thanks, Gary!), and am possibly just a little wee bit less mortified to admit I am a Tampa Bay Lightning fan.

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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1 Response to Tampa’s Back!

  1. Amy says:

    Enjoy your team and your sport!

    2 weeks till pitchers and catcher report to spring training. 🙂 High school baseball started this week. YAY!

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