Split Lip

mother hitting childRecently, when we picked up the kids at the police station for the weekend, Sunflower arrived with an injured lip.  Not a healing injury, not an old wound, but still bleeding.  She strolled casually over to our car with blood still beaded on her lip, while Mommy of the Year practically ran the kids over peeling out of the parking lot to get away from them.

When there is stalking, stealing, and lying to be done, a mother’s schedule is simply too packed to tend to an open wound on a 9-year-0ld’s lip.

Sunflower is not new to split lips, as Crow inflicted the same injury a few years ago by backhanding her in the face.  The kids even demonstrated how their mother hit her.  Of course Crow lied about it, and she deflected attention from her cowardly abuse by falsely accusing me of sexually abusing the children.  According to Crow, I masterfully demonstrated oral sex to the children like a wanton pro, a figment of her twisted and deprived imagination that wasn’t bought by investigators or anyone else not submersed in her debauched fantasy land.  Aah, memories!

When we got home, Gary and I washed Sunflower’s split lip and gave her an ice pack to reduce swelling.  You know, what any good parent would have done immediately, but Crow just let Sunflower sit in the car for an hour with a sore and bleeding lip, turning her over to us to handle the actual parenting required.  None of us were surprised, not even the kids.  We are quite used to over-parenting to compensate for Crow’s refusal to be a mother.

Supposedly this split lip was the result of a trampoline accident.  Supposedly so was the alarmingly large and dark bruise on Sunflower’s arm.  Sure, it is possible, but with Crow’s history, it is hard as hell not to question every bruise, cut, and mark on the children’s bodies.

Every weekend or holiday the children are home with us, I am naturally happy they are home, happy to spend time with them and watch them enjoy time with their father.  But just as significant, if not more, I am relieved, because every moment the kids are with us, I know for at least that period of time, while with us, they are finally safe.

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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2 Responses to Split Lip

  1. Amy says:

    I think I would have had to go straight in to the police station (or the one in the next city) and file to have a welfare investigation. Sure sounds like good old “mother of the year” (and I use that term with all sarcasm I can muster) has added beating the children to her inadequacies

    • Abusing the kids is not a recently added talent of hers. It goes way back.

      Letting her father hit the kids with a belt is one of her talents, as well. And if one of them dares to defend himself and demand that it stop? She yelled at the child for “disrespecting” her father. Yes, that made sense in her ugly little head.

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