Gets His Brains from Us

smart catTonight, Gary and I will be attending a very special event: Wolverine, who is 14, is being inducted into his school’s honor society.

I got the feeling Wolverine wasn’t supposed to tell us about it.  He was extremely excited to let us know about it, though.  He asked more than once if we would be there, and I was touched that he asked Gary specifically if I would be coming.  He didn’t really need to ask: of course we will be there!

It has been a long, frustrating, winding road to get to this point for Wolverine.  For years after the divorce, Wolverine’s once stable grades plummeted.  The last two years, with a lot of change forced onto the kids again by others, his grades staggered.

Not turning work in and getting zero’s was especially infuriating.  We talked to him on weekends he was home with us.  He would turn in an assignment after spending time with us, then lapse back into just not doing his work once the kids returned to the “who cares?” environment.

We also stressed that he is a teenager now, and he shouldn’t need someone holding his hand and reminding him to do something as simple as turning in homework.  Finally we got so frustrated with his missed work and bad grades that we started emailing him, calling him, and texting him about any missed work we saw on his online account or any bad grades.

I don’t know what finally threw the switch for him, but after a few stumbles at the start of this school year, Wolverine started turning his work in, started getting better grades, with a few dips here and there that he picked up again.  We made sure to let him know we noticed and that we were proud.

The uphill battle to get to this point makes me even more proud of him, for wanting to do better than the example he is given in Hickville, to rise above apathy and work harder even if his father and I were the only ones who noticed.  I will definitely have my camera charged and on stand-by this evening, so I can capture Wolverine’s victorious moment.  If he keeps working like this, if he keeps this attitude and ethic, then this will be just the first of many more such moments.

I can’t help but mention that I was a Dean’s List student in college, and Gary currently has all A’s in his classes.  Not to brag, but well…I think we all see where the brains come from, eh?

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3 Responses to Gets His Brains from Us

  1. Wow!! That’s awesome!! So proud of him and the support that you’ve shown!!

  2. Amy says:

    Yep – he definitely gets his brains – and motivation- from y’all. Such a great moment for him and such a proud mom and dad moment for you and Gary 🙂

  3. Karaboo says:

    I can feel the pride through you post! How awesome! Congrates to Wolverine from his extended blogging family as well!

    and kudos to you and Gary for not giving up on them. It’s so frustrating to see the potential being wasted because the, supposedly, “most” important person in the child’s life just doens’t care.

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