The Cat and the Sink

cat sinkRecently an unidentified culprit has been leaving the water in our bathroom sink running.  I blamed the kids at first (a fair conclusion, mind you, since I have observed them walk off with the water still running), but then mysteriously, the sink was being left on when the kids were not even home.

Next in line would be Gary, but we have been sharing a home for years, and he has never displayed a fondness for randomly leaving the water running.  And naturally it wasn’t me.  So what was going on?  Faulty plumbing?  Loose faucet?  Water-loving ghost?

One day I surprised my cat Sylvester in the bathroom, who had hopped onto the counter and was displaying great interest in the sink.  He cast a guilty glance over his furry shoulder but kept at his little project, which was pawing repeatedly at the cold water faucet.  Eventually the faucet turned just enough to release a trickle of water, and Sylvester ducked his head, lapped up some cool water, then hopped off the counter and strolled off, thirst quenched.

I did not really just see that.  Surely my cat was not just turning on the sink like a water fountain so he could help himself to a refreshing beverage!

But sure enough, I have walked into the bathroom again since then, and there was Sylvester, pawing expertly at the faucet until he turned the water on.  I yelled at him and chased him out, and he departed with a displeased frown, apparently plotting to return when I wasn’t there to interrupt.

Why isn’t the water in their water bowl good enough for him?  That cat doesn’t need to look for reasons to get into trouble.  And really, I wouldn’t mind terribly much if he would just turn the water back OFF!

*Cat at sink image courtesy of…the cat closely resembles my Sylvester, but Sylvester is considerably fatter.

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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5 Responses to The Cat and the Sink

  1. LOL! I use to house sit for a woman who had a hairless cat, and I had to leave the sink faucet running on low for the cat. That’s the only place the cat would drink from. It’s funny that your cat has learned how to turn the faucet on for a drink!

  2. Karaboo says:

    LOL!! I love this! I love cats too – alas….they don’t love me and my sinuses…

    Have you thought about getting one of those fountain water dishes? That might help your water bill in the long run.

  3. Amy says:

    What a smart cat!

  4. Dredwynn@aman'thul says:

    Looks like you might actually have a legit need for one of those touch faucets I’ve been seeing ads for on TV. If you ever do, be SURE to have vid equipment on hand when cat first encounters this new faucet – I envision cat batting at the manual faucet, sticking head under it as usual, then accidentally touching it, triggering… hilarity.

    Pondering, maybe your cat just likes its water cooler instead of tepid room temp? Try tossing a few icecubes into the water bowl as an experiment.

  5. Kristy Waugh says:

    Too funny!! My cat LIVES on/in our sink just waiting for someone to come in and turn it on for her to duck her head under and drink for 3 minutes straight…a real pain when you are trying to brush your teeth! I have been waiting for the day she learns this trick!

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