No More Vinny

vinnyNo news lately for the Tampa Bay Lightning has been terribly good (division restructuring that pits the Lightning against the Bruins and the Red Wings next season, for one).  I haven’t decided yet if today’s news is good or bad or merely indifferent.

Vinny Lecavalier, center and the team captain for years, will no longer be playing for the Lightning.  The team has parted ways with a compliance buyout, with general manager Steve Yzerman noting, “The cap hit created by Vinny’s contract is proving to be prohibitive as we model our roster possibilities for 2013-14 and beyond.”

Substantial changes to the team are long overdue, and I do not disagree with this one, like I did and still vehemently do with the firing of coach Guy Boucher.  It will be odd to see Vinny in another team’s jersey, but it has happened before with better players, so Tampa will more than likely survive.

John Tortorella (the Lightning coach until 2009 or so) just signed on to coach the Vancouver Canucks this week.  Now we just need Guy Boucher, who was undeniably screwed by the Lightning and made into a scapegoat, to sign on with a new team, and I will feel like things are mostly right in the hockey world.

Oh, and last but not least…congratulations, Chicago Blackhawks!  Maybe someday, in a not too distant future or perhaps in another galaxy, the Stanley Cup will make its way back to Tampa.

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5 Responses to No More Vinny

  1. Amy says:

    On a positive note…

    It’s almost football season. 😉

  2. Jackie (formerly known as Unstable Blogger) says:

    Honestly, I thought of you when I read about Vinny. He is now a Flyer, which I have mixed feelings about – not because of Vinny but because the Flyers need D and now goaltending and have just been making crazy decisions. I would have loved to have him here in Dallas but he wanted to go to an East Coast team. We shall see I guess. 🙂

    Also – I have been catching up with you via your blog. It has been a long time, my friend 🙂

  3. I’m a Flyers fan. How much do you think Vinny has left? I have read great things about him as a person, but I want to know what impact he will have on the ice itself. Is he still an elite player?

  4. Vinny is a great player, but he hasn’t been showing it with the Lightning. The team as a whole seems to have a deflating effect, and players seem to do better when they leave this team. Maybe he will flourish with a new team.

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