I’m Back!

miss meMiss me?  I haven’t been posting here much lately, for several reasons.  One, I’ve been insanely busy.  Two, I have been focusing on a weight loss blog and wanted to put my attention and time into that.  If you are interested in reading my drivel over there, leave me a comment and I will email the link to you.

Thanksgiving was quiet, no travel.  The kids were home for the week, and I took a few days off work to spend time with them.  We went to a park nearby that puts up a dazzling Christmas lights display.  We’re not talking a few strings of lights in a tree here and there; we’re talking lit-up teddy bears on benches, a glowing dragon snaking through the bushes, lit-up reindeer arranged at a barn, and my favorite, a mini carousel covered in lights.

On Thanksgiving day, Gary gave the phone to the kids so they could call Crow.  For some reason, Crow targets Dove, the youngest, like a homing missile, trying her damnedest to upset her and, the ultimate victory, make her cry.  I had just opened the bathroom door after a shower when Dove took the phone, and her entire conversation consisted of, “I’m fine…yes, I’m fine…I’m okay…yes, I’m okay…I said I was okay…I’m fine…no, I’m not sick.”

I rolled my eyes.  Get a life!  Asking Dove if she was sick, as a last-ditch effort to convince her something was horribly wrong, was nothing short of pathetic.  When Dove impatiently passed off the phone to someone else and had not been reduced to hysterics or tears, Crow must have been pissed off, because she rushed Wolverine and Sunflower off the phone to hang up and pout (and rush to stalk my blog).  I guess there was no point to actually talking to the kids if her attempt to upset Dove had failed.

So, nothing much has changed here in that regard: Crow is still, as always, a miserable failure of a parent.  What else is new?

In other news (since what would a blog post be without hockey talk?):  has anyone been following the hey-it’s-almost-a-great-season-but-wait-Stamkos-got-hurt Lightning games?  Yep, the Lightning were actually ranked in the top 5 in the NHL briefly, then Steven Stamkos broke his tibia and will be out until at least February.  The team’s reliance on him shows loud and clear in their tumble to number 14.  Steven…hurry back!

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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5 Responses to I’m Back!

  1. Amy says:

    I can’t quite comprehend what joy she would find in making her child cry. Or in stalking your blog for that matter.

    Ah well, you can’t make sense out of a crazy person. Shame they don’t just put her in a room with padded walls and solve everyone’s problems

  2. That light display sounds Awesome!!

  3. Mister-M says:

    Hey there, stranger. Welcome back. I’ve missed you! Happy New Year!!!


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