Give Me a Break!

image (1)After Florida State University won the national championship game, Jameis Winston, FSU’s quarterback, was interviewed.  At some time during or soon after this interview, Dee Dee McCarron, the mother of University of Alabama’s quarterback, AJ McCarron, tweeted, “Am I listening to English?” (See the article here).

In typical fashion in our on-standby-to-be-offended culture, Ms. McCarron was instantly accused of being racist.  She deleted the tweet and apologized for it, yet it still made news headlines.  AJ McCarron’s girlfriend was quickly jerked into the ring of hate too, also instantaneously and blindly accused of being racist.

Let’s back up a minute.  Jameis Winston’s post-game speech included gems like, “We champions”, “We strong then,” and  “…he come out here…”

Stop right the hell there.  Give me a break.  A man nearly 20 years old refuses to, can’t, or won’t use a basic component of grammar called a verb, and we are supposed to take him seriously?  A woman accurately points out that his speaking skills are lacking, and she is branded a racist?  Has racism come to be simply defined as criticizing someone who is not white?

Stop it already.  Jameis Winston is so focused on sounding cool, hip, and swank in his interviews that he ends up sounding like a complete and utter idiot.  That has nothing to do with his skin color, so spare me the sobs of racism.

I will say it and not back down: Jameis Winston sounds like a moron when he speaks.  The only reason it sparked so much whining when Ms. McCarron tweeted it is because it is true, yet FSU fans want so desperately to pump Winston up as something he is not.

Ms. McCarron should never have deleted her tweet or apologized for it.  She is entitled to her opinion, especially when it’s undeniably true.   Even if it wasn’t, guess what, Oversensitive America?  She doesn’t have to apologize for expressing an opinion, no matter how many absurd and false accusations of racism you attach to it.

I realize that Jameis Winston is not a professional public speaker.  I love hockey but freely admit the players’ talent pools typically do not include the art of language.  That, however, is not the point here.  The point is, Jameis Winston chooses to speak as if butchering the language is cool or bad-ass.  As a result, he sounds like a fool.  Period.  Howling racism is pathetic and a childish attempt to sidestep truth.

Winston has the freedom to slaughter English every time he speaks if he chooses, whether I like it or not, and guess what? Ms. McCarron has the freedom to hold and express an opinion about it when he does.  Not agreeing with or liking the truth behind her comment does not give anyone the right to toss around the accusation of racism or expect an apology.  When Winston issues an apology to the English language and anyone who has had to listen to him mangle it, we can revisit this matter, eh?


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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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3 Responses to Give Me a Break!

  1. I’m so tired of people being blasted for having a valid opinion. Ugh.

  2. bellaball says:

    Same here – people are way to sensitive! drives me crazy to see someone’s comments taken to the total opposite of what they where saying.

  3. Amy says:

    I guess English and grammar aren’t part of a high school or college education if you play football?

    Time for people to get over themselves. The kid sounds like an idiot and she was well within her rights to call him out on it.

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