Play Off Time!

lightning-scoreboardThis has been quite the hockey season for my Lightning!  When Marty St. Louis transferred to the New York rangers, I admit I was a little upset.  He was one of my favorite players, one of the few players left from the 2004 Stanley Cup team.  I read in several articles that a large reason for the transfer was Marty being tiffed about Stamkos being chosen for the Olympic team above him, and if that’s true, then honestly, I say good riddance.  Stamkos is an excellent player, and hockey isn’t the place for drama.

As the Lightning head into the play-offs, I am excited but cautious.  They have made it to the play-offs before, only to crumple, act like they never stepped onto ice before, and get eliminated almost immediately after the puck drops.  They are entering the play-offs ranked at #11, as of right now, so maybe they actually stand a pretty good chance this time around.

Hockey Life

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6 Responses to Play Off Time!

  1. bellaball says:

    Good to see you back!! missed reading your stories!!!
    Hope everything is going good!

  2. Hockey isn’t the place for drama? Did you really say that about a sport that is known for the drama that plays out on the ice each game? 🙂

  3. Amy says:

    Glad to see you post!

    Good luck to your team!

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