Crazy Bitch Bag of Tricks

bitch-cwht-360x420One of my brothers ended a relationship recently, and as if on cue, the BM (usually stands for biological mother, but the other acronym fits here perfectly as well) swung immediately into crazy mode and forgot their young daughter is a person with feelings and rights.  So much of what his ex is doing right now is disgustingly familiar: false accusations, lying, bad-mouthing, sneaking, slithering.  She has reduced herself to a jealous, petty, immature piece of garbage, and she shows no signs of even wanting to be better than that or to move on like an adult.

I am beginning to suspect that she and Crow are long-separated birth sisters, based on her behavior.  If you’re going to flip out and go crazy, though, can you please at least be original?

It’s as if all of these women have the same Crazy Bitch Bag of Tricks, and they trot out the same old, tired, dusty stunts.  The age-old false reports to Child Protective Services have already been tapped into, so time to reach into the Bitch Bag and see what comes next! Will it be the teary lies about being an abused woman?  Will it be how she was the primary caregiver, even though she acted irritated at the very thought of providing minimal care for their child?  Will it be repeatedly and feverishly driving by his home or workplace?  Will it be rapid-fire, waste-of-time, bullshit filings in family court?

I’m sure my brother’s ex’s next step will be one, all, or a combination of these.  And every family court judge and every lawyer will act like they have never seen this worn-out crap before, even though every crazy ex uses the exact same ploys, games, and maneuvers.

The consistency from one crazy bitch to another is astounding.  Is there a large Crazy Bitch Conference somewhere, during which they all gather and hold meetings and trainings like Play the Victim 101 and Advanced False Accusations?  How do they all end up doing the same stupid and hateful things?

Better question: how do they all end not giving a damn at all about their children?

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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5 Responses to Crazy Bitch Bag of Tricks

  1. There has to be a seminar that we just aren’t aware of! I don’t understand it at all, but you are right, it’s the same tricks over and over again, and in the end, it’s the kids that suffer 😦

  2. Amy says:

    Crazy Bitch and B*st*rd convention apparently. I have unfortunately had the misfortune to see a man or 2 show the same inappropriate and crazy behavior in the last few years. What is so hard or miswired in their brains to remember that children are human beings with thoughts and feelings and not possessions to fight over and use (and abuse).

    And where are the brains of the attorneys and judges that consistently allow this stuff to happen

    • I meant to add a disclaimer that men can be crazy bitches too, because I know your ex has put you and the kids through a lot too.

      I never understood how family court judges and lawyers don’t see through this bullshit. Then again, when a crazy bitch’s lawyer is getting a pocket stuffed full of money, it apparently is in their best interest to keep the circus going, no matter how much the kids get hurt. That is a pathetically sad way to operate.

  3. Syn says:

    There must be a private , jealous shrew club somewhere that gives out free “how to” classes!!

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