Just Retire, Ben!

Ben TackledAt long last, my Pittsburgh Steelers football season is in full swing!  I didn’t get to see their tenuous victory over the Browns last week, so I was hyper-excited to watch them take on the Ravens last night.  Turns out I should have just gone to bed early and spared myself the heartache.

See this photo  of Ben Roethlisberger still on his feet (for the time being, anyway)?  It was a rare moment captured on film, because he was sacked about half a dozen times, when he wasn’t busy throwing interceptions or incomplete passes, that is.

The Steelers ended up not scoring a single touchdown last night, their only points on the board from two field goals.  The Ravens stomped my Steelers 26-6, and believe it or not, I ran out of curse words before the game mercifully ended.

Well, the Tampa Bay Lightning pre-season starts in just a few weeks. With Steven Stamkos all healed up from that pesky broken leg, maybe the Lightning will give me something to cheer about this year.


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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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1 Response to Just Retire, Ben!

  1. That’s how I felt watching my Cowboys last weekend! I was having a hard time expressing my displeasure without using curse words! LOL.

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