multiplicationLiving an hour from the kids, Gary and I rely on the school’s online system to keep up with the kids’ grades.  It’s an imperfect system, since some of the teachers seem to wait until the end of the nine weeks to enter any grades, but it at least gives us a blurry idea of how the kids are doing.  Of course a custodial parent who cares about the kids would be quick to get on the phone if one of the kids is struggling with something, but we are talking about Crow here.  Enough said.

We noticed that Dove got an F on a multiplication test, but it wasn’t posted until about a week after her test.  By then, she had gotten another F.

Okay, that’s not cool.  We use flash cards at our home, and we have a timed multiplication drill sheet the teacher gave us that we use on a regular basis.  Dove has never bombed those.  What was going on?

Luckily the kids were with us last weekend, and even better, Dove’s class didn’t have time to take the next multiplication test on Friday, so they would be taking it again on Monday.  Perfect!  That gave us all weekend to get ready for battle.

We explained to Dove that we were concerned about those F’s and that we were certain she could do better.  We talked about what she is doing during the test and discovered she spends a lot of time trying to figure out one answer, then she runs out of time and leaves most of the problems blank.

It was a multiplication weekend.  She took the multiplication test, using our suggestion to skip what she doesn’t know, fill in the ones she knows, then go back to work on the ones she skipped, and she killed it.  It was wonderful seeing how excited she got when she realized how well she did.  She ran to show everyone in the house her test, then told us she was going to take it again tomorrow and get even more right.

She was absolutely right!  On Sunday, she took her multiplication test again, and she whipped it again, getting the highest score she’s ever gotten.  (We date them and save them so we can watch her progress).  She told us she was going to do even better on her test at school the next day.

And, again, she was right.  Dove called Gary’s phone to let him know she got an 87% on her multiplication test!  That definitely beats an F.  I am extremely proud of her and happy to know we helped her get ready for that test and feel that sense of accomplishment.  Hey, there are a few months left before the end of the school year!  If she really wants to, I know she can get even higher.

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3 Responses to Multiplication

  1. Amy says:

    Glad y’all were able to help Dove since the egg donor doesn’t care enough to take the time. UGH!

    So glad that we don’t have to deal with that and my grandson’s mom calls us right away if he is ANY trouble in school.

  2. Karaboo says:

    I am so proud of Dove! Give her an extra big hug from me (not that she would know – but I know you won’t disappoint me either 🙂 ).

    The post brought back horrible memories of attempting to help my LaLa with the same thing. Her mom had convinced her that she wasn’t smart enough to learn math, so it was a struggle for us to combat that to even get her to try and practice. Thankfully, she’s now graduated and is doing well working and figuring out her life as an adult.

  3. Rock on! It’s amazing how well the kids do with just a little bit of effort!

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