Shopping Trip

My weigh-in this past Saturday was great: down 3 more pounds, to 188.2.  I am finally out of the 190’s!  Now to focus on blasting through these 180’s to hit the 170’s.  If I focus on just the next 10 pounds, it doesn’t seem so overwhelming!

Having a 3-day weekend was a challenge.  Something about a day off makes me want to skip my workout, laze around, and eat (okay, that’s not much different than how I feel every day, ha ha).  I made myself go to the gym yesterday, and I ran on the treadmill with an incline to strengthen my legs.  I logged all my food on MyFitnessPal, which kept my eating in check.

I had to go shopping over the weekend for an outfit for my company’s big awards and anniversary event next week.  I hate shopping for clothes when I am this overweight.  Nothing is going to look good, and I know it!  I hate pawing through the racks looking for my size behind all the tiny 6’s and 8’s.

I found a nice pair of black pants and a pretty, royal blue top.  I promised myself that when I reach goal weight, I will come back to that store and enjoy browsing through the pretty, cute clothes in smaller sizes.  I will enjoy trying on nice clothes and seeing how great they look on me.  I may not have enjoyed this shopping trip, but I promise myself, even if it’s months and months from now, I will be able to go back and enjoy the next one!


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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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3 Responses to Shopping Trip

  1. Finding Lori says:

    Congrats on the loss!! Yay for getting out of the 190's 🙂

  2. Mrs. O says:

    Now that's a bonus weight loss because you lost 3 lbs AND you're in a new decade!!! Great work! The shopping issue is something I think we all go through. My biggest problem is that I will try something on and think it looks pretty good on me and then I'll see myself in a picture and wonder if the mirror I saw myself in was from a funhouse. LOL

  3. MandaPanda says:

    Wahoo for the great loss! Keep it up!

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