Manual Labor

yard_work_safety_quizBuying a house means a lot of things, but most certainly the fact that idle days of sitting around with nothing to do are long gone.  I spent most of the day Saturday sweating through more manual labor than an inmate of a hard labor prison, pruning and chopping and digging like nobody’s business.

Dirt-streaked, worn-out, and panting, I was emptying the wheelbarrow at the curb for pick-up when a woman walking her dog stopped at our driveway and asked me, “Are you enjoying your new house?”

I had to smile.  Any time anyone mentions our new house, I smile.  “Yes, I am.”

Turns out she lives in a town home nearby, and she had been interested in buying the house when she saw it for sale.  She told me, “It’s the most adorable house!”, which made my head swell immensely with pride.  She commented on all the yard work we have been doing, and I told her we have a lot of plans for the yard this summer.

She wasn’t able to buy the house because she wasn’t sure she is staying in the area, but she seemed genuinely happy for us and complimented the house and the yard several times.  I was dead tired and had been ready to call it a day, but I felt energized by her praise of our home.  I managed another hour or so of yard work before heading inside for a much-needed shower.

When Gary finally got home, we sat on the front porch, rocking in our new chairs, talking about the yard and our plans.  I joked with him about being a celebrity, because all the neighbors wave at him when he drives by.  He needs to practice his pageant wave.

I asked him once if he had ever imagined, during our darkest days, when we were struggling the most, that we would be where we are now, in a beautiful house, all ours, that we love.  He said, “I always knew we would, I just didn’t know when.”

I love that answer.  I love that he never doubted we would make it.  I want to enjoy every second, every moment, of this, and never take it for granted.

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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5 Responses to Manual Labor

  1. stevie0018 says:

    Aw how sweet! It’s great that you not only have a beautiful house but live in a nice neighborhood! That is hard to find sometimes! Enjoy it all!

  2. Oh how wonderful!! What a great answer and great reminder to treasure our moments!!

  3. Lynn says:

    Yard work is such good exercise. It makes me much more tired than the gym.

  4. Amy says:

    So happy for you and Gary to be homeowners. All that yard work will help your weight loss goals. Or so I try to convince myself as I’m planting a garden every year … 😂😂😂

  5. Mrs. O says:

    Yay to not only enjoying your new home but that all the energy you’re putting into it is noticeable by your new neighbors. Soon enough you’ll be sitting on the porch, waving at your neighbors while you look over all the beauty your hard work has accomplished.

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