The Mellowed-Out Cat

In the process of resurrecting my blog, in making updates and reading through old posts, I feel almost like I should change the name to The Mellowed-Out and Relatively Calm Cat.  My posts are far less sarcastic rants and rage-filled diatribes, and more reflections of what I did that day, more…normal, ha ha.

It makes sense, though.  I started this blog in the middle of a battlefield.  Gary, the kids, and I were under constant attack, and my blog was a place to vent and release the frustration and hostility about the senselessness of all of the garbage exploding around me.

That doesn’t mean I don’t still get angry.  And it doesn’t mean we are now living in blissful, conflict-free ecstasy.  Crow, I have concluded, will always be a jealous, belligerent swine obsessed with our lives, flinging poo like a spoiled monkey in desperate attempts to demand attention.  It’s not okay, but I had to learn that life goes on.  There will always be drama, idiocy, theatrics, and madness when you have the joy of a bitter and incompetent womb-for-rent in your lives, and the happier Gary and I are, the crazier she gets.

It just means I have shifted my focus.  My own life has risen to the forefront.  Right now I am admittedly obsessed with the new house, and I have a feeling that novelty will not wear off for a long, long time.  If my blog reads like an issue of Good Housekeeping, then so be it. This is where my mindset is for now.  And I like it.

Just to amuse myself, I am sure I will toss in some random rants about something, and I will sound more like the old Smirking Cat.  I seemed to have more readers when I was angry, which is a curious observation.  Maybe it’s just because, as I’ve been told by Gary many times, I am quite humorous when I am mad.  Maybe it’s because so many people related to that anger at the time, when so few people seem willing to call out a bad parent, especially a mother, for being exactly what she is: a vile and despicable piece of garbage.

Is there any point whatsoever to today’s blog post?  Well, I am thankful for anyone who was there at the beginning and is still here.  I hope new readers who came from my weight loss blog stick around and share the journey from here.  And I am just grateful, in digging through past posts and reliving that vicious anger and the staggeringly painful days, that Gary and I hung in there to be able to experience the pride of our first home and knowing that our love is battle-tested and came out victoriously on top, still going strong.

That is my point today.  I am just happy.

About TheSmirkingCat

I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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2 Responses to The Mellowed-Out Cat

  1. stevie0018 says:

    I enjoy reading about it all …the house, the craziness of Crow is pretty amusing even though it’s at your expense, Gary, the kids, your cats …I especially enjoy reading that you’re happy 😉

  2. Mrs. O says:

    I think that although the tone of your posts may have mellowed out, you will always have that smirking cat-style smile because you know no matter what, you’re still one up on the other person. So the name would still fit. Like that sweet looking cat sitting on the window sill, purring at you so sweetly yet knowing it left that turd inside your slipper after you shooed it away from the sofa. 😉

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