They’re Out

I’ve been waiting 12 years for my Tampa Bay Lightning to take the Stanley Cup again.  All they had to do to make it to the Stanley Cup finals was survive game #7 against the Pittsburgh Penguins.  And Stamkos was back!  What could go wrong?

Well, apparently, a lot.  I’m going to spare the details of the horrible, rotten, no-good game, and cut to the dark and miserable chase: my Lightning lost, 2-1.  That sounds like a good game and a good fight, but the score is deceiving.  Pittsburgh had over twice as many shots on goal, and half the penalty minutes, as my Lightning.  So, good game?  I think not.

The Lightning played like a team who didn’t care if they won or not, and their reward was a resounding loss.  Not just a loss, mind you, but elimination from the Stanley Cup finals.

Disappointed doesn’t cover it.  If they would have played hard, put their all into it, and still lost, I could handle that.  Playing like they have never stepped onto a hockey rink before, and nothing was at stake, is inexcusable.

The only Lightning player I don’t want to slap soundly in the face today is Vasilevskiy, the back-up goalie who stepped in after Ben Bishop’s injury.  He had to stop nearly 40 shots on goal last night.  Obviously if the defense is going to let the puck stay at the Penguin’s net for most of the game, eventually a few are going to go in.  Even though the Lightning lost the game, Vasilevskiy was the star of the game to me.


Andrei Vasilevskiy rocking it in the goal for the Lightning

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