Remember when I said I didn’t want to get too excited about my hockey team, the maddening and the frustrating Tampa Bay Lightning, making it to the play-offs this year, and even possibly bringing the Stanley Cup back home to Tampa?  (I said that barely a month ago, so I will operate on the assumption that you do indeed remember).

My team, by some miracle, is still #1 in the NHL.  But you would never have guessed that by how they played against the Ottawa Senators this past weekend.

Picture a herd of sleepy, clumsy kittens with mini hockey sticks taped to their paws, turned loose on an ice rink.  That’s a rough equivalent to how my Lightning looked during this game (though not nearly as adorable).  It was like they all suffered traumatic, blunt-force head injuries before the game and lost all recollection of the game of hockey.

They were slow.  They were sloppy.  They were careless.  Even Vasilevskiy, our super-star goalie, played like crap, letting in six goals.  Yes, six!


The Senators making one of SIX goals during this pathetic game

I couldn’t even finish watching the game.  My team can do better than this.  If they were playing that bad, it’s because they chose to, for whatever stupid reason.  This season is nowhere near over, and the Lightning have not clinched a spot in the play-offs yet.  They better start playing like they give a damn again.

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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