What I Am Thinking

The other day, a notification popped up on my blog that I was celebrating an anniversary: 10 years on WordPress!  I’m not quite sure where their starting date comes from, because my first Smirking Cat post was October 26, 2007.  Maybe it’s the day I moved over here from Blogger.  Maybe they randomly pulled it from a hat.  Who knows.

Either way, it got me to thinking.  I actually remember the day I got the notion to start a blog.  A co-worker at the time was talking about hers, and she told me I should start one.  I didn’t even know how.  She had to show me how to set one up.

My very first blog was actually not Smirking Cat. I can’t remember the exact title.  It was a hodge-podge of thoughts, rambles, rants, opinions, corny jokes (not much has changed, as you can see).  If you’ve been here a while, or if you’ve read my history page, then you already know that Crow helped spawn Smirking Cat by endlessly bitching and moaning about my old blog.  Again, not much has changed: now she just bitches and moans about this one.

Gary and I have been together so long, it’s funny to think that I started my first blog before I even knew he existed.  What on earth did I write about before I had him and the kids for comedic material?

Maybe I’m just feeling sentimental today.  It was hard getting out of bed this morning, wrapped up comfortably in his arms, impatient and hungry cats stomping all over my head (they know how to ruin a romantic scene, don’t they?)  When I left for work, he was already plugging away in the office, glasses perched on his face, and I turned and glanced at him one more time after kissing him good-bye.  Bear pointed out once that Gary resembles a baby wearing glasses when he wears his glasses, and ever since then, I get an image like this in my head when he has them on:


It’s like Gary tries to look over and through the glasses at the same time, like he doesn’t really want them on his face and is just barely enduring their presence.  It makes me bite my lip, trying not to laugh, every time he peers at me so seriously over the rim of his glasses.

I was sitting here at work, thinking about him, so he is what I wrote about today.  For over a decade, that is what I have done: write about what I am thinking about.

Today it is Gary.  I miss him today.  I just want to be at his side right now, sharing our ridiculous inside jokes, swapping idiotic nicknames we make up for each other, picking on each other, making the kids shake their heads but smile anyway, because every now and then, we are actually humorous.

A few more hours of work, then I will head home to my baby wearing glasses…no, wait, I mean to my Gary!

About TheSmirkingCat

I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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