Licking Faces and Round 3

AR-305069713I had my doubts about my Lightning even making the Stanley Cup play-offs when they apparently developed hockey amnesia near the end of the regular season and started playing like they weren’t quite sure what a puck is, or what to do with it.  When they entered round one, I figured I’d be happy they even made the play-offs this year, and anticipated a quick elimination.

Then they defeated the Devils.  I dared to let myself get a little excited, but not too much.  After all, my team is the ultimate inconsistent team.  One great game will be followed by a string of horrible embarrassments, where I end up convinced all the players were kidnapped, and impostors who never played hockey before stole their uniforms for a sick joke.

Round 2 was against the Boston Bruins, a team I don’t care for very much.  They didn’t change my mind during these games, particularly when their designated thug, Brad Marchand (“Marchand” is French for asshole, I think) LICKED a Lightning player’s face.  Yeah, you read that right: the insufferable asshat licked Ryan Callahan…and it was not the first time he made deliberate tongue contact with a hockey player’s face.  No, no, this was the second time the NHL has warned this jackass to keep his tongue in his mouth and stop licking people.  What is this, preschool?  Idiot.

Anyway, the Bruins and their lick-hound were eliminated in game 5, so see ya, morons.  Maybe spend more time practicing hockey instead of licking each other.

I was disappointed to see the Penguins eliminated by the Capitals last night.  My first hockey game ever was a Penguins game, so even though the Lightning are my #1, no matter how much they frustrate me, the Penguins will always be my first, and hold a permanent soft spot in my heart for that.

Onto round 3, against the Capitals.  I’m not sure what to expect.  I’m trying not to get too excited.  I’d love to see my Lightning bring home the Stanley Cup, after 14 long years…and, hopefully, without licking anyone along the way!

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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1 Response to Licking Faces and Round 3

  1. LOL! “hockey amnesia”! That was the best opening paragraph!

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