My %$@!^&*% Hockey Team

Remember how excited I was when my hockey team actually made the Stanley Cup play-offs?  Remember how thrilled I was when they didn’t get swept in 4 games and hung in there through the first 2 rounds, and how I finally let myself get my hopes up as they moved through round 3?

Yeah, just take a nice, sharp pin and burst that bubble.  Smash it wide open.  Grind it into the ground.  Keeping with tradition, my Lightning served up a heaping platter of heartbreaking disappointment, allowing themselves to not only lose, but get shut out.  TWICE.

Screenshot 2018-05-24 16.15.13

I could (sort of) stand being eliminated from the play-offs if the Lightning had played hard and put their all into it, but it was like they just decided “Eh, this was far enough”, dropped any semblance of making an effort, and just skated aimlessly around like an Ice Capades show instead of playing hockey.

Every year, I get frustrated, angry, fed up, and say I will start rooting for another team, because this one makes me want to tear hair out, and possibly throw it at them in exasperation.  This year is no exception.

Lighting, more than likely I will be back next season, like a sucker, against all reason and logic, with renewed optimism for a good run.  Are you ever going to give that to us fans?  I hope so.  We’ve been waiting a long time.

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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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1 Response to My %$@!^&*% Hockey Team

  1. Amy says:

    So sorry they fell apart. That’s what’s happening with my baseball team this season. Ugh!

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