Nothing but a Baby Mama


What more could I possibly add to this?  Every word is true.  A woman, an adult, a mother is able to move on after a relationship ends and is able to put the children’s needs first.   Her focus is on the children’s well-being, health, emotions, and happiness.

An immature piece of trash, on the other hand, is too selfish to ever think of anything or anyone but herself.   Kids are nothing but puppets and pawns to be jerked around, yanked apart, manipulated, and used, all in the name of feeding the egg donor’s insatiable ego.  Her jealousy knows no bounds, and her life revolves around her ex-husband even more than it ever did while they were actually married.  He has no right to be happier without her, damnit, and she can’t stand it.

When the kids are scattered in mangled bits, tossed about like torn shreds of confetti, destroyed for her own gain, what then?  Will she think she has won?  If so, what exactly did she win?  Being the biggest piece of shit in the kids’ lives?  Is that truly the best she can aim for?

Maybe it is.  At least, it might be the best she intends, because she doesn’t care enough to be a better parent for their sake.  She knows that he loves them more than she does, or she wouldn’t be so eager to weaponize them against him.  By her own actions, she admits he is better than her…but the rest of us already knew that.

About TheSmirkingCat

I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.
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