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I am endlessly trying to make sense of a world that has completely and unapologetically lost its mind.

32 Saves

Are you here today for yet another hockey post?  I hope so, because that is what I am serving up this morning. Over the weekend, my Tampa Bay Lightning (still miraculously ranked #1) played the Winnipeg Jets, who used to … Continue reading

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When we first started looking at houses a few years ago, my list of must-haves included practical features like a recent roof, relatively new air conditioning unit, a safe neighborhood, windowsills wide enough for my fat cats, you know, typical … Continue reading

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Dare I Say It?

Okay, lean in.  Closer.  A little closer, please.  I’m almost afraid to say this in anything but the faintest of whispers. Could this be the year…just possibly…just maybe…that my Lightning clinch another Stanley Cup? Stamkos is finally healthy and back … Continue reading

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Hey!  Hey, you!  Over here!  Come quick!  Take a look at this!  Hurry! *waving at you frantically* What is that, you ask?  Seriously?  What does it look like?  Oh yeah, not everyone is a hockey fan.  (How do you live, … Continue reading

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Is She Proud?

After being a part of the kids’ lives for over 11 years, they are bound to pick up at least some of my habits, mannerisms, and ways of doing things.  Sometimes it’s completely awesome (like Sunflower organizing her dresser drawers … Continue reading

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Ten Years

Out of curiosity, I scrolled back to see when I wrote the first post on this blog. Well, hey!  It just happened to be in October of 2007.  Wow, my first post here was 10 years ago. Most of the … Continue reading

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Father’s Day Gifts

Last month, as Mother’s Day approached, TV was saturated with pink-hued commercials about how mothers are angelic, other-worldly beings, how they selflessly take care of everyone, how indescribably wonderful they are, how they give and give until there’s nothing left, … Continue reading

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