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There are times when I fleetingly, briefly, feel sorry for Crow.  Ever watch a low-budget movie with horrible actors, a laughable script, and inwardly cringe and feel embarrassed for everyone involved in making it?  That’s how I feel about Crow … Continue reading

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Who Needs a Helmet?

Pfffttt!  Who needs a helmet or any silly pads while skateboarding?  Certainly not an 11-year-old child like Sunflower!  At least this seems to be the selfish and bullshit thought process of Mother of the Year candidate, Crow, who not only … Continue reading

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What Does It Feel Like?

After nine years of dealing with a jealous, psychotic bio-mom with a raging case of crazies, you’d think I’d be numb and jaded to it all.  In some ways, I am. Not much surprises me anymore, though occasionally, even as … Continue reading

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I have moved a lot in my lifetime, and I have had more than my share of bad luck with neighbors, always seeming to land next door to partiers, screamers, fighters, and music-blasters. I have never tolerated it quietly, and … Continue reading

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After a peaceful weekend with the kids, enjoying the park most of Saturday afternoon and then a hilarious dance contest, snuggling, and joking with each other the rest of our time together, dropping them off this evening was an abrupt … Continue reading

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I woke up in a surprisingly good mood this morning…well, after pounding snooze on the alarm clock 50 times and being surgically (and unwillingly) removed from the bed. Last night I paused as I swept the back porch, and I … Continue reading

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“The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget.” — Thomas S. Szasz I struggle with forgiveness. The concept of condoning, indirectly or by inference, the unacceptable and hateful behavior of … Continue reading

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