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Scarecrows and Straw Bales

You know those people who swoon over sun, live for the summer, can’t get enough of sand and heat, and get high on a mere whiff of coconut-scented sunscreen?  Well, I’m not one of them. I have never cared for … Continue reading

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Random Rants

There are things that annoy me with mind-blowing intensity, that sometimes I can’t even completely explain why.  They just do.  They scratch ragged fingernails down my jagged nerves and simply must be stopped.  Now. Multiple exclamation points So-called adults revert … Continue reading

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What is This Crap on the Radio?

Just when I thought the pop music world could not unleash anything more annoying than Britney Spears’ overrated nasal whine, or Beyonce’s dull, robotic monotone, or Justin Bieber’s absurd backward-hurricane-tunnel hairdo…along came a grating, sophomoric thorn-in-my-side by the name of … Continue reading

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