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Sylvester and the Killer Duck

I often find myself defending my ball-of-fluff cat, Sylvester, who is frequently accused of being brain-dead, evil, the spawn of Satan, mentally deranged,¬†flat crazy, or all of the above at the same time, usually by Gary.¬† Every time Sylvester barrels … Continue reading

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Home Invasion

When I got home the other day, the rug that is normally by the front door was tousled, upside down, crumpled up in the middle of the living room. The curtains were swung out and flayed haphazardly across the cushions … Continue reading

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Have you seen these two thugs? Do not approach them! They are on the FBI’s most wanted list for brutally and remorselessly killing an innocent computer, and they are armed with razor-sharp fangs and claws. The diabolical duo are on … Continue reading

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Three Cats for Sale!

Full moon? Catnip? Illicit drugs? Spontaneous genetic mutations? I’m not sure what is responsible for the horrific behavior of our three cats lately (well, more horrific than usual), but today Gary suggested we pack ’em up to the Humane Society. … Continue reading

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