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Stuffed Dog

One afternoon, when Bear was little, he asked me to play with him.  He was about 6 or 7 years old, baby-faced, tousled blonde hair that liked to stick up in jagged rooster tails, and he had a trouble-making streak … Continue reading

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Nasty Pool

Gary and I chaperoned a 5th grade class field trip for my stepson, Bear, this past week.  When we arrived in his classroom, I noticed right away that Bear’s eyes were bloodshot and red-rimmed like he was nursing a hell … Continue reading

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Death by Chocolate

One year, Bear requested a chocolate cake with chocolate icing for his birthday.  Gary made one just as he wished, a gooey, rich chocolate overload that spiked our blood sugar levels and nearly sank all of us into a sweetness coma.  … Continue reading

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Don’t You Remember Me?

Last night, Gary and I went to Hickville to watch Bear’s class play, a musical about vacation…very timely with school letting out in just a few weeks!  When Bear spotted us in the audience, he sprung into look-at-me mode, dramatically adjusting his sunglasses, … Continue reading

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Big Heart

Yesterday, Bear turned 9 years old.  Gary called him first thing in the morning to wish him a happy birthday, and then we called back in the evening to sing “Happy Birthday”, along with some out-of-tune embellishments that I am certain impressed him … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Bear!

While the kids were with us the past few days for Thanksgiving, we also celebrated Bear’s 8th birthday with a hyper-chocolate cake with fudge frosting that left me slightly tipsy on chocolate and a touch nauseated. He loved it though, … Continue reading

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