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Birthday Breakfast

The other morning, when Gary stopped in at a fast food joint for some sweet tea, he met an elderly gentleman who was celebrating his 73rd birthday.  He was “funny as hell”, according to Gary, and he told Gary that … Continue reading

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Earlier this week, I celebrated my birthday.  (Mental note: ask for the day off work next year!)  On second thought, it wasn’t a half-bad day at the office: I was excited to receive not only flowers, but a gift basket … Continue reading

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Today, Wolverine has left the world of kiddie land and has strutted bravely into the realm of teenager…thirteen years old!  Does anything make you feel older than a child becoming a teenager? Gary and I jokingly call Wolverine “Little Daddy” because, as … Continue reading

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Two Trees

Gary is the luckiest man in the world: I woke him up this morning with a tricked-out, ultra-fabulous, customized version of “Happy Birthday” like he has never heard before (and likely never wishes to hear again).  He returned the favor … Continue reading

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Death by Chocolate

One year, Bear requested a chocolate cake with chocolate icing for his birthday.  Gary made one just as he wished, a gooey, rich chocolate overload that spiked our blood sugar levels and nearly sank all of us into a sweetness coma.  … Continue reading

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Eight Years Old

Today Sunflower is the ripe old age of 8!  I first met her when she was 3 and so tiny.  Now that she has grown so much, she likes to tell me, “Pick me up!” just to see if I … Continue reading

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Five Years

This past weekend, Dove crawled into my lap and curled up like a cat, lifting her head every now and then to kiss my cheek.  Moments like that, holding her in my lap or watching her wrestle her father, I feel … Continue reading

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