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This past weekend, Gary and the kids and I went out to dinner to celebrate both Bear’s 11th birthday and Gary’s birthday.  We went to one of those restaurants that places paper over the table, and the server writes her … Continue reading

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Birthday Marathon

This weekend, it begins: the Smirking Cat-Gary Family birthday marathon!  From the end of October through the end of December, we have four…count ’em, four… birthdays to celebrate in addition to Christmas.  I start shopping for the streak at the … Continue reading

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Cool Things Happening

It’s been a very busy and very emotional week, but a lot of cool things are happening: 1. After a few days of being computer-less at work, I finally got a new computer! I am so delighted to return to … Continue reading

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Cast of Characters

Nothing says “time to update my letter of resignation” quite like a Monday morning meeting, but I managed to hold a straight face and refrain from excessive yawning or twitching until the pointless yammering was over, and I was free … Continue reading

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