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Crazy Bitch Bag of Tricks

One of my brothers ended a relationship recently, and as if on cue, the BM (usually stands for biological mother, but the other acronym fits here perfectly as well) swung immediately into crazy mode and forgot their young daughter is a person … Continue reading

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Stalker Etiquette

Dear me!  I do wonder what Ann Landers would say…it seems that even though my poor parents raised me as best they could, and though I consider myself a relatively well-mannered individual, I must admit that I am vexingly uncultured … Continue reading

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Is it Really About the Kids?

“Best interests of the children”. If you are involved, in any capacity, in a divorce or custody proceeding with children, then you have likely heard that phrase more times than you can count, yet interestingly, in so many instances, it … Continue reading

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