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Just Call Me The Swanky Cat

Swank:1. dashing smartness, as in dress or appearance; style.2. a swagger.3. stylish or elegant.4. pretentiously stylish.5. to swagger in behavior; show off. Dragonflymama has deemed me swank-worthy, so swagger I shall, brandishing this Swank blog award as I pretentiously show … Continue reading

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Lemonade Award!

What is more exciting than a new comment on your blog? Why, a comment and an award, that’s what! Thanks to Natalie over on I Married a Polack…, who left me a comment on my post called Good People and … Continue reading

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I *Heart* Your Blog Award

Heather from Comparative Childhood has bestowed upon me the honor of the I Love Your Blog award, describing me as “… a bold, dedicated, mama bear of a stepmom who veraciously seeks to keep everyone in her family safe and … Continue reading

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Are You Kitten Friendly?

Well now…it’s not every day that I am crowned the Most Kitten Friendly Blog of the Year! I owe the honor to Stepmama Drama, and now for my acceptance speech: Thank you to all the cats and kittens who made … Continue reading

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