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Protected: You Don’t Know the Password, Nya Nya!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Stalker Etiquette

Dear me!  I do wonder what Ann Landers would say…it seems that even though my poor parents raised me as best they could, and though I consider myself a relatively well-mannered individual, I must admit that I am vexingly uncultured … Continue reading

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Best Interests, Take 3

Happy blogoversary to me! I may surprise myself with roses or lingerie later. Three years of Smirking Cat, and I love me just as much as the first day… Speaking of loving the Smirking Cat, once upon a time about … Continue reading

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I’m Only 1% Stalker

Falling squarely into the category of “If you have to ask…you are a hopeless nut case” is this quiz from, asking “Are You a Stalker“? Alas, I am merely 1% stalker, and my results rather rudely wonder, “You aren’t … Continue reading

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Jealous Much?

A few weeks ago, a woman I used to work with called Gary, brimming with snide glee and practically wetting herself in her haste to inform him that someone was hired to take my old position. This news, for some … Continue reading

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Blog Stalking (BS for short!)

I’m mystified by a phenomenon I will call blog stalking, or appropriately, “BS” for short. I am now aware of several bloggers who have that one person, or a herd of cohorts, who spend hours a day on their blog, … Continue reading

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