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Umpires, Basketball, and Jesus

I swear I don’t go to Hickville (the inbred town the kids were dragged to years ago) simply to mock and ridicule the two-legged cattle that populate the area, but it is difficult not to.  Recently the kids’ church/cult-sponsored basketball … Continue reading

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Jesus Doesn’t Like Yoga?

If you don’t want me to make fun of something, please don’t make it impossible for me not to, or practically beg me to mock you.  Case in point: PrayFit, the 33-Day Total Body Challenge.  How did I stumble across … Continue reading

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Lower Your Standards

Traveling to Hickville is like tumbling down a rabbit hole into a Twilight Zone of inbred absurdity.  How anyone could drag the kids there and force them to live there is beyond me: we are not talking merely a small … Continue reading

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I woke up in a surprisingly good mood this morning…well, after pounding snooze on the alarm clock 50 times and being surgically (and unwillingly) removed from the bed. Last night I paused as I swept the back porch, and I … Continue reading

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Really stupid gift idea

I saw a toy ironing board similiar to this while loitering in the toy department yesterday afternoon, and my dismayed reaction was “How much fun could this be?” Of course the little girl in the picture (and of course it’s … Continue reading

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