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Basket Case

Gary accuses me of having a raging basket fetish.  I can’t stand clutter, so everything is corralled tidily into a basket: under the sinks, on storage shelves, even our washcloths are folded neatly inside a basket in the linen closet. … Continue reading

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Random Observations

As you can see, once the hockey season ends, I am at a loss for things to write about. Stamkos ended up staying with my Lightning (yay!), or else you would have seen a long, ranting, curse-filled, teary tirade of … Continue reading

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Losing a Pet

It’s not hard to see from where I get my spoiling-my-pets tendencies.  My mom has a small, white Bichon, and if you aren’t sure exactly what that is, imagine a fuzzy, white cotton ball that has exploded to the size … Continue reading

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The Rat

Several years ago, when my mother mailed Christmas presents for me, Gary, and the kids, she added a few gifts for the cats.  Among the cat treats and Fancy Feast was a large stuffed brown rat.  As soon as I … Continue reading

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Vet Adventures

Yesterday was a day of trial and tribulations, of insurmountable challenges and great tests of my patience and will.  Yes…it was time to take both cats to the vet.  At the same time. The fun started with cramming two large, … Continue reading

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The Cat and the Sink

Recently an unidentified culprit has been leaving the water in our bathroom sink running.  I blamed the kids at first (a fair conclusion, mind you, since I have observed them walk off with the water still running), but then mysteriously, … Continue reading

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Cat Attack

Just like a child, our black cat, Rosie, occasionally seeks attention.  And just like a child, occasionally Rosie is willing to do almost anything to get it. Last night, Gary and I were peacefully enjoying a quiet evening at home, … Continue reading

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