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Crybaby, Part 2

Anyone remember Crybaby, the neighborhood cat who adopted us at a previous home (and who took a liking to lounging lazily in our bird bath)?  When we left that house, all of us had a hard time saying good-bye to … Continue reading

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I may not be able to post here for a short while.  Okay, for a long while…a very, very long while!  You can thank Gary for this gut-wrenching and heart-breaking turn of unfortunate events. On the phone the other day, … Continue reading

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Am I Purring?

Our black cat, Rosie, has the quietest purr known to felinehood, a barely-perceptible, hushed hum of happiness.  When I am petting him, sometimes I gently rest my head on his body to check if he is purring.  Without being that close to … Continue reading

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Hell Cat

The other night, Gary and I were minding our own business, relaxing innocently in the living room, when suddenly a manic blur of black and white fur exploded into the room, zoomed to the far wall, ricocheted, and rocketed back into … Continue reading

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Christmas Dance…Just for You

Rosie, Sylvester, and even the late and beloved legend, Tweetie, have collaborated to bring you the heartwarming and spectacular holiday dance that awaits you when you click this magical link: My Cats’ Christmas Dance for You They practiced and rehearsed … Continue reading

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Puss in Boots

When a new kids’ movie comes out, I usually hope the kids somehow miraculously never saw the previews so that I won’t have to go sit through it.  (Chipmunks?  Spy Kids? Smurfs?  Spare me.)  But the first time I saw a preview for Puss … Continue reading

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Furry Temper Tantrum

Our cat Rosie (part feline, part garbage disposal) likes to sit as close as possible while we are eating, carefully monitoring each bite entering our mouths as if each is one bite closer to certain and painful starvation for him.  Yesterday he attentively … Continue reading

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