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Not Last…Yet

After losing seven games in a row, the Tampa Bay Lightning managed to finally yank out a victory Tuesday night against Boston (I imagine the Bruins really felt like crap after losing that one).  It’s hard to celebrate much, though, … Continue reading

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Hockey Bling

It’s just around the corner.  If you stand silently and close your eyes and don’t breathe, you can actually hear the crackling of excitement on the air, the chill of the ice, the anticipation of the first face-off and the opening … Continue reading

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Ooh, That’s Got to Sting

Two shut-outs in a row! What’s the matter, Pittsburgh Pretty Boys? What happened to Sidney’s magic touch? It sure wasn’t racking up any points or stopping any Red Wing pucks. I’d like to see 2 more shut-outs and just wrap … Continue reading

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Scamper is the Word of the Day

Miraculously, the Lightning beat the Hurricanes last night, 2-1, in an interesting and highly amusing game. Between Tarnasky’s “wanna fight?” attitude all night, swaggering about with his mouth guard clamped between his teeth, glowering menacingly at everyone who looked semi-ready … Continue reading

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Dream Team

This morning I dug into my old CD stash and came up with a dusty Matchbox 20. With lyrics like “You left a stain on all my good days” and “You’re hell on wheels in a black dress”, their song … Continue reading

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