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Nothing but a Baby Mama

What more could I possibly add to this?  Every word is true.  A woman, an adult, a mother is able to move on after a relationship ends and is able to put the children’s needs first.   Her focus is on … Continue reading

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Does She Really Need Her Ears, Anyway?

As Dove’s 8th birthday approached earlier this summer, she excitedly announced that her mother would be taking her to get her ears pierced.  I smiled, but I groaned inwardly, because I already knew what that meant.  Crow wants the accolades … Continue reading

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Spelling Test

Every weekend that the kids are home, Dove, who is 6, and I have reviewed her spelling words, and she reads out loud to me or to her daddy.  She actually enjoys it and calls it “playing school”, and we … Continue reading

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Hair Brushes and Ear Infections

When we picked up the kids this past Friday, I groaned when I saw that both Sunflower and Dove’s hair had been shoved into sloppy pigtails.  Last time Crow bothered slapping Dove’s hair into a ponytail, it was because gum … Continue reading

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It was another blink-and-it’s-over weekend.  All four of the kids seemed extra affectionate this past weekend, not that I’m complaining.  I will take extra hugs, lap-sitting, jokes, and “I love you”s any time. The better the weekend goes, though, the … Continue reading

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Definitely Not Their Mother

“You’re not their mother!” I find myself thinking about what the word “Mother” has come to mean for the kids, anyway. When a mother is caring, loving, protective, and sincere, the word “Mother” is a tender, beautiful word. But mothers … Continue reading

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