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Cat Attack

Just like a child, our black cat, Rosie, occasionally seeks attention. ¬†And just like a child, occasionally Rosie is willing to do almost anything to get it. Last night, Gary and I were peacefully enjoying a quiet evening at home, … Continue reading

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Little Mommy

My cat Sylvester has a personality only a mother or a crazy cat lady could love. He is at times a wild kitten with gigantic eyes, chasing invisible items in the air and racing around the house at 100 miles … Continue reading

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Dr. Sylvester & Mr. Hyde

I’ve written about our cat Sylvester before (and by “our cat”, I really mean “Gary’s cat”), and you may have come away with the impression that Sylvester is crazy, mentally unstable, a nutcase, and best left heavily medicated in a … Continue reading

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Our Christmas tree lasted all of about 15 minutes, thanks to our hell-spawn demon disguised as a cat, Sylvester. Not long after the tree was up and the lights lit, Sylvester was magnetically pulled to it by his internal destruction-homing … Continue reading

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