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Dear Santa

In case you can’t read number one on this child’s Christmas wish list, it says, “Custody papers that says I can see my dad more often”.  I suppose, when the family courts and the so-called family lawyers and your own … Continue reading

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What an Asshole

It’s not exactly unusual for my blood pressure to rise while watching the news, but a story that Gary and I watched over the weekend made me literally see red with fury. The abbreviated rundown: a woman, Abbie Dorn, gave … Continue reading

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Language and Words

I am often struck (and not impressed) by the language used to refer to the children caught in the cross-fire of a divorce and custody battle (and frequently, “battle” is unfortunately the best word for it). I cringe at phrases … Continue reading

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"Best Mother"

Amid the raging three-ring circus of celebrity divorces and custody battles is Sandra Bullock and her husband, Jesse James. For many reasons, this one has caught my eye. One, Sandra Bullock is among my favorite actresses. Two, the case has … Continue reading

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Something more than a little odd happens almost every time we drop the kids off after their weekend with us. Before the tires of our car even hit the other household’s driveway, the bribes are being wheeled into the driveway, … Continue reading

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Leave the Kids Alone, Already

There’s not much (if anything) about family court that impresses me, particularly the way kids are routinely and mindlessly overlooked and volleyed about like meaningless tools or weapons. Because of my already dismally low opinion, I am not surprised by … Continue reading

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How fun would it to be to pack a bag and move temporarily into a different household every two weeks or so, and to have two people who really don’t like each other transport you back and forth? It’s frustrating … Continue reading

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