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Stepfamily Sanctuary: Be a Good Ex

I just read this on Stepfamily Sanctuary today, though it was posted back in June of 2008, and I found myself nodding, groaning, and wanting to underline some things: What makes a good ex? I have a few ideas…1. A … Continue reading

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Anniversary Post: "Best Interests"

One year ago today, I deleted a blog called Athena and started The Smirking Cat. One of the last posts on Athena was titled “Best Interests”, and it kicked off a childish drama of bitter comments, insults, and accusations (and … Continue reading

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Malicious Mother Syndrome, continued

Would you be terribly surprised to know that: * 40% of divorced mothers admitted to punishing their former husbands by denying visitation with their children. * Parents of more than six million children have interfered with court-ordered visitation. * Half … Continue reading

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Are You an Alienating Parent?

In all the research I have done in attempts to help the kids, or at least place a label on the hurtful and devastating behavior and decisions that keep them involuntarily from their father, I found this article: Are You … Continue reading

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Soften the Blow of Divorce for Kids

The kids have been on my mind a lot lately, and I’ll be blunt, being severed from either parent, or from anyone who loves them, is a vindictive act for which I see no positive effects for any child. Michael … Continue reading

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Healing Families of Divorce

How many kids would be healthier, happier, more peaceful, if both of their parents could muster up the maturity and integrity to adhere to these seemingly basic concepts (from Healing Families of Divorce: Top Ten Ways to Stop the Conflict … Continue reading

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Hot Damn!

An excellent day…I enjoyed my first day at my new job and genuinely like the co-workers I met today. I even met the CEO, who was friendly and helped out with training. Apparently they’ve been trying to fill my position … Continue reading

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