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Stalker Etiquette

Dear me!  I do wonder what Ann Landers would say…it seems that even though my poor parents raised me as best they could, and though I consider myself a relatively well-mannered individual, I must admit that I am vexingly uncultured … Continue reading

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I’m Only 1% Stalker

Falling squarely into the category of “If you have to ask…you are a hopeless nut case” is this quiz from, asking “Are You a Stalker“? Alas, I am merely 1% stalker, and my results rather rudely wonder, “You aren’t … Continue reading

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New Direction?

Ever since my last blog was infested with so-called anonymous commenters (ahem, if you define “anonymous” as “I have your IP address and know your ISP, slick”), I have been struggling with simply requiring readers to have a username and … Continue reading

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