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What if the Kids Read Your Blog?

It’s not unusual for stepmoms frustrated by what they see to keep a blog documenting their struggles or venting their feelings. It’s not unusual for like-minded people to offer support, advice, or simply “I know how you feel”. It is … Continue reading

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Conversation Topics

An accurate and continually tiresome barometer of the level of bad-mouthing to which the kids are being subjected is the type of off-the-wall questions we are asked by the kids. They are the kind of questions that would leave Gary … Continue reading

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"Second Chances": The Ex’s Blog

Who would have guessed that Gary’s ex and I share a passion for the book Divorce Poison? Granted, this surprising mutual interest didn’t appear to exist until after her repeated visits to my profile to scan my interests, and after … Continue reading

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Holding on with Hate

One of the most eye-opening, and downright disturbing, chapters of the book Divorce Poison is chapter 4: Malignant Motives. Dr. Warshak explores these questions regarding parental alienation: “How could loving parents do something that so obviously violates their children’s trust, … Continue reading

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The Five Questions

I have mentioned the book Divorce Poison before, and I want to share part of the first chapter, The Delicate Balance, because a lot of fellow bloggers are struggling with bad-mouthing from the other parent and exactly how to handle … Continue reading

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Divorce Poison

“I often wonder how parents engaged in bashing explain the fact that they fell in love with, married, and had children with people who are so utterly lacking in any redeeming qualities. They seem unaware of the common observation that … Continue reading

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